the 2012 cystic fibrosis benefit details

Well, we got through the day after all. The bands played masterfully and the staff kept up with the crowd like real troopers. The final tally was measured in the thousands of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Fund to set aside for real good against this disease. Actually the Center for Disease Control has stated that the national effort to fight this cruel disease has hit a tipping point. The gene that causes the diease has been found and the cure is being narrowed down to preventing the gene from acting up. Although that is something to look forward to in the future, a new drug to battle the disease is available. It is costly and has been recently approved by the FDA for use by Americans. See for yourself: it does work for many who have the disease,. We still have a way to go but so far we may see the end to this deadly disease. Maybe we may have to pick another disease to go after soon, lets hope so...


    A Message from Steve Beery Himself about the 2012 Battle of the Bands Cystic Fibrosis Benefit

    It is with great pleasure that I am here to announce another successful Band Battle to fight Cystic Fibrosis. This year's line up successfully planned by my hero Tom Drescher made a new precedent where as despite being two hours behind schedule we were able to have all twenty five bands perform. Mike Longo with the help of his side kick Dave (the wonder boy) was able to perform this act of courage despite monetary thoughts of suicide, due to the snail like tendencies of all our contributing artist. He set the bar high for all other sound engineers to aspire to.


    The day started out packed from 12 noon on. Many guests from the wide expanse of Beery faithful were serviced to their complete satisfaction by the incredible talents of the day crew (Laura, Irene, Lynn, Renee, Lee and J-9 ) with special guest Donna of Beery's East Rockaway, who helped to round out the crew. Their support crew of Benny, G-man and Christie made the day run smooth the first eight hours. Meanwhile outside Johnson, Wuper and Beef made sure everyone was fed during the may lay. The volunteer crew led by Sharon and Gail, as usual put on a twenty hour clinic. As the day wore on, fresh horses were necessary and Jim, Katie, Doyle, Tommy and Kelly took the stick for the rest of the evening with Askin and G-man backing them up and Renee doing a double duty. Jay and Big B handled the doors from end to end with Adam and Slayer here to help and a special appearance by Tommy Pop-Rock. Let's not forget the set up crew of Kiki, Norty, George and Pop-Rock.


    There are many, many names that I can not think of right now, the bands were extraordinary and will be invited back over the course of the year. A special shout out to Petey Z who supplied the wild game (which I received one bite of) and was enjoyed by all. I'm sure I will be thanking more people over the weeks to come, It's an over site that I am not proud of but if you were there you would understand. My voice has come back and I can officially walk again. As my memory and cerebral abilities return to me, I will make appropriate phone calls to anyone I may have left out. For all of you who showed up and contributed to this great event please fell free to mock all of your friends who could not attend.


    All my love and thanks Mr B.......




Les Paul Guitsr Presented by Music Emporium of Bellmore NY 516-221-4888


We would like to thank all of the Sponsors who donated gifts and prizes to help raise money and a special thank you to Charie and Debbie LaVarco at Music Emporium for his support and donation to this special event.


To all those musicians out there, show some love and go down to Music Emporim in Bellmore NY and drop my name on Charlie, when you need new musicial gear. I'm sure it will help, Charlie is a stand up guy...


Here is an official Beery-Music Emporium coupon to use down there for your bands needs, click on the link and it will get you a printable coupon to use at the store for guitars to picks and everything else in between.
Mr B

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The CF Benefit Item #2

Magic Hat Bicycle





The CF Benefit Item #3

The Yuengling Wheeled Coleman Gas Grill




The CF Benefit Item #4

Magic Hat Smoker Grill




The CF Benefit Item #5

Heineken Golf Bag



As you can see the show was really cool, any one with photos of the show please contact the bar,

We will try to get them up on the site...













ALTER EGO starts at 12:00 Noon

rock n roll

From Long Island, NY


RANDY JACKSON OF ZEBRA starts at 1:00pm

shepards bush, zebra, jefferson airplane

From New Orleans and now NYC


QUICKDRAW starts at 1:20pm

Country Rock Jam

From Long Island, NY


ACOUSTIC MANEUVERS starts at 1:40pm

acoustic, rock n roll,

From Long Island, NY


TEN IN THE AFTERNOON starts at 2:00pm

rock n roll, blues

From Long Island, NY


MC CLINTON starts at 2:40pm

rock n roll - featuring Johnny Race

From New Jersey


THE ELECTRIC DUDES starts at 3:20pm

rock n roll, party music

From Long Island, NY


KERRY KEARNEY statrts at 4:00pm

blues, rock, roots groove

From Long Island, NY


MIKE MILLER & FRIENDS starts at 4:40pm

adult alternative pop

From Long Island, NY


MY SUMMER statrts at 5:20pm

indie rock

From Long Island, NY



acoustic, experimental, lo-fi

From Long Island, NY


JIM TREUTLINE starts at 6:20pm

rock n roll

From Long Island, NY


FINALLY BALANCED starts at 6:40pm

rock n roll, metal rock

From Long Island, NY


BORGO PASS starts at 7:20pm

metal, rock, indie, heavy

From Long Island, NY

JOHN WILKES BOOTH starts at 8:00pm

dirt rock

From Long Island, NY


THE CRUSHER starts at 8:40pm

rock n roll, punk rock

From Long Island, NY


PLAYING DEAD starts at 9:20pm

rock n roll, alternative

From Long Island, NY


BAND OF DWELLERS starts at 10:00pm

jam band, funk, rock n roll

From Long Island, NY


EXEMPTION starts at 10:40pm

aggresive progressive

From Brooklyn, NY


FAMILY LUMBER starts at 11:20PM

rock n roll, alternative

From Long Island, NY


GO BIG! starts at 12:00 midnight

rock n roll, ska

From Long Island, NY


THE DIRTY GEMS starts at 12:40am

rock with sonic influences

From Long Island, NY

LIARS ETC.starts at 1:20am

rock, alternative, punk, indie, ska

From Long Island, NY

NIX86 starts at 2:00am

ska, rock n roll

From Long Island, NY

ME NEXT & THE GIVE ME MORES starts at 2:40am

punk rock, classic rock, r&b, country

From Brooklyn, NY



The schedule was messed with and elongated a bit. One band could not make it and the whole thing lasted until 4am. Rock on Garth...











Fun At Beery's Before The Weekend Starts

Don't wait until the weekend to have fun, come on down to Beery's on a Thursday.. Thursday Nights are hosted by Lulu the always smiling fun loving bartender who has a special drink and good shot for everyone. Not tot mention it's also OPEN MIC night too. Start off the weekend right. Come on down and have some fun on Thursdays again