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Mr. Beery's pub and music venue and beer haven is the place to be on Long island. This page is a comunication of the events and happenings at Mr Beery's that you should know of. There's always something going on at Mr Beery's, just remember that......

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fall Solstice Beef Feast #3

sunday, OCTOBER 8, 2017

Steve Beery had another Big Ass Beef Bash in Autumn for 2017, actually it was the third one he had or was it the forth one if you include the summer one last year,,, any way it was damn GOOD. He had some specail brews to add to the lure and of course everyone showed up to it. The menu was of course a thin sliced side of beef, Deep Fried Potato salad and this year Mac and Cheese with a slice of bread. It was delicious. We had several bands playing including Finally Balanced, Super Electric, Leeds Point and Karma. Every one went home with a full belly and a smile

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tiki kings car show 2017 #6

saturday, september 9th 2017

The Tiki Kings Car Show for 2017 took place on a nice and sunny day not too hot and not too cool, just right. The parking lot was filled up with cars.. more than 100 if you counted them coming and going all day long, Congradulations to the NEW Miss Tiki King 2017. There were cars from all decades of the American tranportation history, you had to find something you liked here on that day. Food and drinks were supplied with the open BBQ and people brought thier own tailgate equipment for the day. So as the darkness fell the cars fired up and left Beerys one at a time once again.

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dart team won FADA Spring 2017 C Division Championship

Monday july 31, 2017

Renee and the Mr Beerys Dart team won again! It's their 4th time winning the FADA Spring 2017 C Division Championship, that is just great! Congratulations to all involved, it was a hard fight this year.

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saint patricks day party

friday march 17, 2017

Hey it was Saint Patrick's Day and it fell on a Friady this year... WOW... Tons of food, beer and shots for all who showed up for this party. Everyone dressed in green or in Irish fare clothing. Beery put out a big spread of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and irish soda bread, it was yummy! Hey look two white wool sweaters and a green wool sweater in the middle ( a cabbage sandwich!) LOL

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sunday, MARCH 19, 2017

Another Battle of the Bands night has happened at Mr Beerys in Bethpage again. Tons of prizes and raffles were given out, so many people came we ran out of food and beer once..... So after we stocked up again and served everyone according to thier wishes. We love to host this big event and send the money to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation to he;p the fight against this bad disease go on.... Oh and check Facebook we taped the whole thing and posted it on our account for all to see!

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Sunday Jazz Brunch

sunday, september 18th 2016

As true as the posters all over the place at Mr Beerys there was a Jazz band there for bSunday brunch. The bruch was amazing, eggs, french toast, sausages, bacon, hash browns etc... The band was great and then they let in Beery to work his harmonica skills... a good day altogether

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tiki kings car show 2016 #5

saturday, september 10th 2016

The Tiki Kings Car Show for 2016 took place on a nice and sunny with just enough clouds to shade you every so often. The parking lot was filled up with dozens and dozens of cars.. almost 100 if you counted them coming and going all day long, Congradulations to the NEW Miss Tiki King 2016. Many cars and trucks were there even a guy with a funeral hearse out of a old Chevy Suburban. Food and drinks were supplied and soon evn the sun calls it a night. So as the darkness fell the cars fired up and left Beerys one at a time.

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The Winner of Miss Tiki King 2016



Hay, The hearse won Beerys Choice Award

He does real funerals for real car guys!!

Call Doug at 631-379-6264






St Pats Day Feast

thursday, march 17, 2016

Yes everyone dressed in green doing silly things for prizes and drinking lots of beer, porter specials along with Irish shot specials, The buffet was incredible, all who came left satisfied and full belly!

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band battle to end Cystic fibrosis

sunday, february 14, 2016

The annual Babnd Battle to end Cystic Fibrosis was at Mr Beerys for 2016 for the twenteth time! A Wall of prizes and raffles were won, we set up two bar areas and a big BBQ out side. 22 bands played all day and night, beer and drink specials as well as jello shots and also the food truck was open for food and snacks. For our thenteth year we did a good colloction for the CF Foundation. Steve Beery would like to thank everyone who came and donated and helped with the event, it is a great benefit for a good cause.

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chili and gumbo cookoff

saturday, january 16, 2016

The air was full of chili and gumbo smells and flavors. The Bluegrass band mad the chili warmer than normal. Watch out for the hotter ones on the end of the table!! Ohh No looks like Steve Beery got some chili with peppers and super hot sauce in it Yikes!!!

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kegs & eggs, 9am -sunday jets game

sunday, october 4th 2015

Well there was to be a Kegs & Eggs on Sunday morning the 4th of October, but it was too slow in happening. So Leigh and Candice took control of this event and made a load of bacon and a vat of scrambled eggs for the hungry football fans. They opend up the Meat Wagon and started to work, cooking and mixing the ingredients until the trays were filled with goodies and soon evryone had a plate of food along with a cold beer. Not to forget the Jets won that day also! So alls well that ends well tha bar had a good Sunday morning of football and a BIG ass breakfats to boot.

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fall Solstice Beef Feast

sunday, september 20th 2015

Steve Beery made sure Long Island had anther big piece of beef to cook and serve his guests again for 2015. A Solstice Fall day in September was a good choice. PLUS Anderson Valley supplied some kegs to wash it all down with. Sliced beef, deep fried potato salad and beef gravy with bread. YUMMY!11 All hands were on support to cut, serve and scoop the food out, it was Sooo good, nothing but the bone was left at the end. Good job Steve and crew. Oh yea we had bands playing inside all day too....

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tiki kings car show 2015!

saturday, september 12th 2015

The Tiki Kings Car Show for 2015 was acloudy day but the faithfull showed up and a great car show was at hand. 100s of cars and hundreds of people showed up. There was food and beer specials and several bands too. Many Rat Rods, Muscle cars, oldies and custons showed up to compete. Mr Beery had his choice also, he picked a 1969 Plymouth GTX and gave the "Beerys Choice" award to the owner as you can see...

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band battle to end Cystic fibrosis

sunday, february 15, 2015

The annual Babnd Battle to end Cystic Fibrosis was at Mr Beerys for 2015 another time. Tons of prizes and raffles were won, 21 bands played all day and night, beer and drink specials as well as jello shots and also the food truck was open for food and snacks. At the end we were able to collect thosands of dollars for the CF Fund this year. Steve Beery would like to thank everyone who came and donated and helped with the event, it is a great benefit for a good cause.

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wlir dj dance night

saturday, january 31, 2015

That's right everyone, Beerys had a WLIR night in January.... actually we are setting up with the crew to do this as much as we can. It was packed that night and DJs Andre and Rob Krush were playing the great WLIR stuff from the 80s and 90s. Beery even had Hahn the legendary bartender fro Malibu club in Long Beach ( If you don't know, don't ask) Beerys was ful of people dancing and having a super LIR time. Keep a look out for future WLIR events in 2015!!

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beery christmas Party

sunday, december 22nd 2014

Steve Beery has a Christmas party every year and 2014 was no exception. Tons of food and drinks galore PLUS Kerry Kearney and his band were the musical guest for the event. Beery climbed up on stage and played along for a few songs. It was so much fun...

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Super Beery Beer & Beef Party

sunday, october 12th 2014

Steve Beery had made plans to get Smuttynose and Lagunitas Brewery Companies to help with this extraodinary event. Beer for all and Music by Orange Tinture and Tiger Rose. Then he had a Side of beef that was cooked in a charcoal box and carved for the masses. It took all day to cook and a few hours to cut. Along with Southern Comfort Sweet Gravy and Deep Fried Potato Salad. It was DAMN yummy!! If you were not there then you missed a lot of fun and food and BEER!

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tiki kings car show 2014!

saturday, september 6th 2014

The Tiki Kings Car Show for 2014 was a big hit, almost a hundred cars showed up. They came and went as the day went on. Even the rain came and went, then the sun came back out again. Everyone was dressed up for the part. The bartenders and even the Sailor Jerry shot girls came and had fun with all the motorheads that showed up. The prizes are on the table in the last photo. It was a great time food, fun, beer, cars and girls....

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happy beery with happy beer, monday July 13th 2014

The new kegs are here, the new kegs are here, THE NEW KEGS ARE HERE!!! Ahh Steve Beery does love beer and when the new kegs arrive he just lights up...

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Trivia Night Winner!!! mondayJune 9, 2014

When Mr Beery has a contest, there always is a winner. Trivia night generated another one, so he gets BEERY BUCKS to spend at the bar. CONGRATULATIONS winner. Every Monday Night is Trivia Night, so come on down and win some prizes or just get Beery Bucks....

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WEDNESday APRIL 23, 2014

The legendary Uncle Floyd was at Mr Beerys on the 23rd of April for a great comedy show that had everyone laughing thier asses off. Uncle Floyd had a TV show in the 70's on UHF channels in some of the big cities of the northeastern U.S. like Philly, Chicago, New York and more. His show ran out of New Jersey and was everywhere in no time with all sorts of guests like the Ramones and Cindi Laper. Uncle Floyd told tons of jokesand sang some to a big crowd and then stuck around for autographs and a pix with Mr Beery.


"He came to make us laugh, mission accoplished" - Mr Beery

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Greg's 21st crazy Birthday party, saturday march 29, 2014

This was a full food and drink fest with Greg Beery as the man of the day. It was his 21st birthday party and the whole Beery crew showed up to celebrate. The family had a shot toast and tons of food and desserts were available. Happy 21st there Greg, I forget if you left on your feet or not...

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battle of the bands against cystic fibrosis benefit 2014 at Mr beerys, sunday february 16, 2014

This years Cystic Fibrosis for 2014 was a big band event, even with all the snow fall. Steve had the show anyway and it was a big turnout. 25 bands played and many prizes were given out. We collected thousands of dollars for the Cystic Fund. Steve thanks everyone who showed up and made it FUN FOR ALL!

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This years Cystic Fibrosis event was right in the middle of two snow storms as you can see the parking lot was loaded with snow. This shows the snow all over the place even after the plows came by.....










tiki kings car show

at Mr beerys!!!

saturday, september 7, 2013

The car show that went on this day was a great sucess with almost a hundred cars coming in and out of the parking lot in the back, front and sides of Mr Beery's. We had food and drinks with prizes given out at the Car Show too. The last photos are with the Tiki King guys and Steve Beery and the show's grand prize winner in front of his car...

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challenger baseball Little League Jamboree and the legendary hofbrau mug holding contest, sunday august 25, 2013

Ok first of all, Steve Beery won a Certificate of Appreciation from the local politicians including a town judge and several representatives for his work in getting money to a good cause like the Long Island Challenger Baseball Jamboree League. Then we have some photos of the Hofbrau Mug Holding contest , with many contenders trying thier hand in the hold....The contest is simple hold a LARGE mug in your hand full of beer outstretched in front of you until the last man is standing or holding. As you can see the there was many people representing at the bar ready for this feat of strength and human sacrifice. But there was a winner in the end. Our very own Big Brian was the winner and done it in about 5 minutes and several seconds.... it's a lot!

Congrates Brian...

Here are some photos of the happy bar owner Steve Beery and the contest and his Town Certificate.

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The bar has been painted, yes it no longer has that dank look to it!

Steve Beery has finally said, " What the FUCK! We gotta take everything of the God Damn walls and paint this place." So the walls were stripped and scrubed and then coated with a brand new coat of paint. It looks great, you can actually see the difference and leaning on the walls is not a big deal any more LOL..... Come down and vist the NEW Mr Beerys pub..... It's the same place but with a new coat of paint.....Green paint with a very light green trim...


Here are some photos of the new paint job, come on down on an event night you like and check it out for yourself.

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embargo on Samuel Adams beer has been finally lifted, with the meeting june 15, 2013 savor festival N.Y.C

Steve beery and Jim Koch ( pronounced Cook) from the Samuel Adams Brewery company has buried the hatchet and made friends again. They met at a large beer function in N.Y.C. called the Savor Festival in June 2013 and talked about thier need to support delicious beer. So the embargo, boycott, black ball . . . what ever you would like to call it, is now finally over. So you too can get Samuel Adams beer at Mr Beerys now. Seasonal brews special flavored batches, Autumn, Summer and Winter versions. Just kepp a look out for them.


Here is a picture of the two of them making friends and having , well what else a beer together.....

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chips go with beer, forget nuts

Get Your bag of chips with that beer, sometimes you gotta have some salt,,,